Keeping Ants Out of the Hive

Monday, July 14

We were having a huge issue with ants, when I started doing research.  We have two hives and had ants in each of the sugar water feeders, plus they were going up both hives.  The ants were having a wonderful buffet. 

I searched how to keep ants out of honey bee hives naturally without using pesticides.  I am going to be posting a link to what I found, which is really very interesting; but for now let me tell you what was recommended… 

I found a link that suggested using activated charcoal around the hives.  I ran home, shoveled out the charcoal/embers from my two firepits and brought back to the hives.  The fun part was when we took a mallet to the bags to break the charcoal into smaller pieces.  After the prep work was done, we took the charcoal out to both the hives and placed it around both hives.  (I will post a photo at a later date). 

I must say I was shocked when we walked the next day to check the hives and there were only a few ants on each hive.  I did clean out the sugar water, but when I went to refill it after the charcoal was placed — there were no ants.  Last week, I did notice a few ants on the hive, but I think that is because we have a spot where the charcoal is a little light.  And since placing the charcoal, we do not have a problem with ants anymore. 

I always love it when something so simple works.  Especially something that is not harmful to our fuzzy babees.  🙂

Have a great day everyone.


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